Alexia & Cary In-Home Engagement SessionPhoto Native Shoot Hosted by India Earl Photography

Engaged and ready to plan your engagement session? Have you ever considered an in-home engagement session instead of rolling mountain views? Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting outdoors, but there’s something really special about indoor snuggle sessions, too.

Top 5 Reasons I Love In-Home Engagement Sessions

  1. You are in your own element. Being in a place where you are comfortable and familiar allows you to really open up and be yourselves as a couple. This means more emotional imagery and relaxed, natural posing.
  2. Weather-proof. Rain or shine or snow, you don’t have to worry needing to reschedule your session when shooting indoors.
  3. Lots of surfaces for variety in posing. When I’m out in the mountains with a couple, I’m not very likely to ask them to lie down in the dirt or sit on sharp rocks. You know, unless they’re up for doing that. In your home, you can lie on the floor, sit on the couch, jump on the bed, sit on the kitchen counter; the possibilities are endless!
  4. Privacy. When shooting in public, you might have people around you or in your photos, which can make it uncomfortable to be as affectionate as you might like. When it’s just you and your love, the photos feel more intimate, like you are the only two in existence. Isn’t that how the engagement period often feels, anyway?
  5. Free! Of course there are many options for indoor sessions, but studios or public buildings often require fees to photograph there. Not only is shooting in your home a more meaningful and personal location, you don’t have to spend extra money.

Meet Cary & Alexia.

This darling couple came for India Earl‘s instructional shoot put on by Photo Native this year. Utah photographer friends, if you haven’t heard of Photo Native, you should really consider going next year! And even if you aren’t in Utah, come! There were many photographers from all over the country who came to this 2-3 day photography conference. It was a fantastic experience and I learned sooooo much from some of the industry’s top photography and wedding professionals. I will absolutely be attending next year! Early bird pricing for Photo Native 2018 opens on June 1st, so be ready!