Jenna & Michael Windswept Couple’s Session | Utah Wedding PhotographerSeaside Engagement Photos

This¬†windswept couple’s session is to this day one of my favorites. I was honored to document Jenna & Michael’s wedding several months before, so I know what an adventurous couple they are. Not to mention their truly palpable chemistry. We were “threatened” by 60+ mph winds for this shoot, but we decided to embrace the chaos. Antelope Island offers a wide variety of incredible landscapes, with the wind creating literal waves on the lake. That’s one of the most magnificent things about Utah. There are so many environments to experience, yet they can easily feel like far away destinations.

The first half of this session felt like we were walking down a rocky beach in Northern California or Oregon. Next I felt transported to the rolling hills of Ireland. Side note, it’s probably not the best idea to climb up the side of a mountain in a windstorm. I was literally blown over. Luckily Jenna & Michael had each other to hold onto. I love the unbridled laughter they shared together, as well as the peaceful moments. I’ll be working with these lovers again soon and, I hope, often.