Jenna & Michael | Park City Engagement Session | Utah Wedding Photographer

Jenna & Michael

Jenna and Michael are awesome, plain and simple.  Adventurous, outdoorsy, genuine and FUN.  It was only a few days after their session that Jenna was boarding a plane to Spain for a few months to study Spanish!  Meanwhile Michael keeps up with his usual schedule of mountain biking, hiking, and boating in his spare time, along with his other athletic talents like training for marathons.  I should really get to the gym this…year.  On top of being adventurous, the two have perfect chemistry.  Sessions like this one — giggly, laid back, snugly — always turn out to be my favorites.  They didn’t hold back, but opened up and really let me capture them for who they are together.

Michael said that he knew of a beautiful spot up Guardsman Pass for their engagement session; after all he went up there all the time.  The couple led me to a spot that was within a 15 minute hike of SIX Utah lakes, some of which we could see from our overlook…what??  Utah is flipping rad, people.  After Guardsman we went to Main Street in Park City, which happens to be their hometown. Park City will always hold a special place in my heart because my husband and I honeymooned there.  It was such a treat to return and pick the couple’s brains about their favorite dining spots and things to do for date nights. If you’re a sushi fan, check out Oishi’s! After riding the trolley a bit our session was over and we had lost all our light, but walking back to the car we noticed some hanging lights that hadn’t been on before.  We weren’t going to pass that up.