Tamanna & Tanvir | Indian Wedding in Salt Lake CityHaldi Ceremony at the Orangerie at Red Butte Gardens and the Reception at the Grand America Hotel

This October, I was at a photography conference when I got a call from my favorite makeup artist, Flavia. She told me she had a wonderful bride in need of a photographer for her wedding, in three days! To top it off, it was an Indian wedding! Of course I jumped at the opportunity. I had the pleasure of second shooting an Indian wedding over the summer, and knew this one would be incredible.

My favorite part of documenting weddings of other cultures is getting a peek into their beautiful traditions. Tamanna and Tanvir had a stunning Haldi ceremony before their wedding day, at the Red Butte Gardens. A processional accompanied the bride and groom to the colorfully draped stage. “Haldi” is a word for turmeric, the spice. Friends and family of the couple take turns rubbing a vibrant turmeric paste on the couple’s skin and feeding them small finger foods. This practice is meant to wish the couple a blessed life and prepare them for their wedding day. If you’d like to read more about this beautiful ceremony, you can do so here. Guests then enjoyed an authentic Indian spread from Culinary Crafts, and this curry-lover can tell you it was some of the best Indian food I’ve ever tasted.

The couple performed their wedding ceremony in the privacy of their home with their closest family. Afterward, they took to the beautiful Grand America Hotel for their formal reception. After the speeches and more delectable food catered by the hotel, the newlyweds cut the cake and took photos with their guests and families.

Documenting such a colorful and detail-oriented wedding is any photographer’s dream. But the best part of this celebration was the joy that they shared together with their guests. Congratulations Tamanna and Tanvir!

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