Tannya & Tai Wedding Photos At The Bonneville Salt Flats Kathryn Bruns Photography


Can you guess what my favorite part about shooting at the Bonneville Salt Flats is? Here’s a hint: it’s not the terrain or the perfect sunsets.

While the landscape is obviously gorgeous, I would say that my favorite thing is the 2 hour and 15 minutes drive to the location. Seriously! That’s two hours of time with the couple before the shoot. I loved getting to know Tannya and Tai during those two hours before their session, and then of course by the two hour drive back it’s like we’re good friends!

Tannya and Tai are from the beautiful country of Singapore! They love to travel, and told us (my assistant Sarah & I) about many of the wonderful places they’ve visited, some of which I had never even heard of before. Tannya is a foodie, and we talked on and on about restaurants they needed to try while they were in town. A pleasant surprise for them was the delicious Utah-born delicacy, fry sauce. Seriously if you don’t know what fry sauce is, you need to try it. I could drink the stuff.

This was Tai’s first visit to the States. The couple road tripped from Southern California to Utah, checking off their bucket list adventure spots on their way. After their session and enjoying some local cuisine they traveled back up to San Francisco before returning home. This couple’s energy and love for life was infectious. I’m truly inspired by their drive to go out hand in hand and see the world!

While we had originally intended this to be an engagement session, Tannya happened to have a wedding dress with her that was too lovely to pass up.¬†Thanks to Marisa Rose for Tannya’s beautiful hair and makeup, and to Willow Specialty Florist for the bouquet that they whipped up with just a few hours notice. The silk ribbons are from the lovely Tono & Co.