Are you a photographer looking to outsource editing or hire an additional photographer for an event?

While I absolutely love working with my own couples, I've found second shooting or associate shooting on behalf of other photographers to be wildly fulfilling.

Given my 12+ years of experience as a lead photographer, I'm fully equipped and technically proficient to handle busy wedding days where you need an additional photographer. It's not about me or my business; when I'm working for you, I represent your brand, I'm on your team. It's my job to make your couples feel comfortable and well taken care of. You can be confident that I do everything in my power to bring professionalism and preparedness to your event, as well as adapting how I shoot to best match your portfolio for cohesive editing and consistent branding.

Upon request, I also work as a custom photo editor. Send me a few examples of how you want things edited and your Lightroom catalog, and I'll handle exposure, color correction, & straightening. Retouching is also available if I have access to your RAW files. Please use my photographer services contact form below for more information.

Associate Photographer


Second Photographer


Please include date of event if inquiring about associate/second photographer services.