Wedding Details Form for Latter-Day Saint Weddings

Hello, darlings! Looks like we're getting closer to your day, so let's get these details organized! This is incredibly helpful for me to have all of this information in one place, so forgive me if there are some things we've already covered during your planning process.

This form should take less than 10 minutes to complete. You have my number if you have any questions!

Who is going to be near you most of the day that I can contact if your phone is unavailable?

This one is SUPER important, so please make sure it's correct.

Please select which portraits are most important to you to be done on the temple grounds.

Examples: elderly members who can't be out in the cold, family needs to go first so they can leave to set up the luncheon/reception, divorced family members that shouldn't be posed together, etc.

This is helpful to know so we can plan our photo time accordingly.

Check all that apply.

Sparklers, bubbles, birdseed, etc.

Example: a family member singing, a choreographed dance, a surprise guest, etc.

You know how much emphasis I put on the teamwork it takes to create a gorgeous wedding. I'd love to have as many of your vendors information as possible so I can credit them in any social media / blog posts. Some vendors you might wish to include: Bride's Dress Groom's Suit Bride's Shoes Invitation Design/Printing Florist Wedding Planner/Coordinator Makeup & Hair Artist(s) Engagement & Wedding Rings Videographer Bride's Jewelry Cake Artist Caterer DJ/Musicians Anyone else you want to highlight!

If there's anything that we haven't covered that you feel is important for me to know please list it here!