Anastasia & Suresh Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer Kathryn BrunsDestination Wedding at the Hacienda Dona Andreas in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I’m so excited to share this amazing destination wedding with you! This was my first time out to Santa Fe, and it didn’t disappoint. The wedding took place at the beautiful Hacienda Dona Andreas de Santa Fe. I was completely smitten by its charm and personality in every crevice. Nestled up on the mountainside, you can see why this venue is such a desirable choice for a destination wedding.

If I could only a few words to describe the theme of this wedding, I would say it was eclectic and cultural. The stunning bride, Anastasia, and her family are from Ukraine. The groom, Suresh, and his family are from India! The venue boasts a strong Spanish influence, and the couple’s bohemian style tied natural, earthy elements in with elegance. I loved how the blend of cultural influences is such a representation of love. Both families were so supportive of this union, and it was heartwarming to see them come together in celebration and love.

It was a highlight seeing the different traditions the couple chose to incorporate in their day. During the ceremony, Suresh’s mother placed a bindi on Ana’s forehead.  Ana’s parents then fed them “greeting bread“, a Ukranian wedding tradition that symbolizes the bitter and sweet parts of life. 

After the ceremony and family portraits, the party began and lasted late into the night. Personalities really come out on the dance floor, and I enjoy using different techniques to liven up the reception photos (although this group was pretty lively already!).

Congratulations Ana & Suresh!

Venue: Hacienda Dona Andreas de Santa Fe
Wedding Gown: Dreamers & Lovers
Hair & Makeup Artist: Madeline McCue
Photography: Kathryn Bruns Photography

Fresh & Feminine Bridal Inspirationfrom Kathryn Bruns Photography and dress designers Jean & Jewel

Happy February, everyone! Normally February comes and I don’t want anything to do with it. It’s shorter than the other months yet it likes to change it up every four years with a leap day. It’s usually pretty soggy in Utah as the snow melts, yet there are often freezing days. However, this year I’m walking in much happier sharing this fresh and feminine bridal inspiration with you!

About three years ago, I was watching a youth conference video my parents were putting together. That’s when I first saw Edie, and I knew that I had to work with her! She is an absolutely natural model; not bad too that she got a gig off of a youth conference video! After talking with Rachel of Jean & Jewel, we put together a sort of “play date” with a couple of my favorite vendors. It’s so refreshing to come together with like-minded artists and create!


Model: Edie Greenman | Gown: Jean & Jewel | Makeup: Alicia Gibb of Versa Artistry | Hair: Flavia Carolina of Versa Artistry | Florals: Sweet Grace Floral | Venue: The Brigham Young House at This Is The Place Heritage Park | Photography: Kathryn Bruns

Tamanna & Tanvir | Indian Wedding in Salt Lake CityHaldi Ceremony at the Orangerie at Red Butte Gardens and the Reception at the Grand America Hotel

This October, I was at a photography conference when I got a call from my favorite makeup artist, Flavia. She told me she had a wonderful bride in need of a photographer for her wedding, in three days! To top it off, it was an Indian wedding! Of course I jumped at the opportunity. I had the pleasure of second shooting an Indian wedding over the summer, and knew this one would be incredible.

My favorite part of documenting weddings of other cultures is getting a peek into their beautiful traditions. Tamanna and Tanvir had a stunning Haldi ceremony before their wedding day, at the Red Butte Gardens. A processional accompanied the bride and groom to the colorfully draped stage. “Haldi” is a word for turmeric, the spice. Friends and family of the couple take turns rubbing a vibrant turmeric paste on the couple’s skin and feeding them small finger foods. This practice is meant to wish the couple a blessed life and prepare them for their wedding day. If you’d like to read more about this beautiful ceremony, you can do so here. Guests then enjoyed an authentic Indian spread from Culinary Crafts, and this curry-lover can tell you it was some of the best Indian food I’ve ever tasted.

The couple performed their wedding ceremony in the privacy of their home with their closest family. Afterward, they took to the beautiful Grand America Hotel for their formal reception. After the speeches and more delectable food catered by the hotel, the newlyweds cut the cake and took photos with their guests and families.

Documenting such a colorful and detail-oriented wedding is any photographer’s dream. But the best part of this celebration was the joy that they shared together with their guests. Congratulations Tamanna and Tanvir!

City of Stars | Wedding EditorialLa La Land Wedding Inspiration | Kathryn Bruns Photography & Belle Bodas Events

City of stars
Are you shining just for me?
City of stars
There’s so much that I can’t see
Who knows?
Is this the start of something wonderful and new?
Or one more dream that I cannot make true?

Every once in a while, you experience something that speaks to your soul. It can be a book, a movie, a song, a class, even watching an interaction between strangers on the street. For me, La La Land was a movie that grabbed me by the heart, and broke onto my Top 10 Favorite Movies list. I know a lot of people didn’t care for this movie, possibly those who didn’t grow up watching true Hollywood classics like Singing in the Rain or An American In Paris. Back then, you actually had to have real, raw talent and skill to make it in show business. Nowadays, we have autotune and subpar acting, lack-luster writing and low standards of quality in cinema. And while I’m not saying Ryan Gosling’s tap skills even compare to that of Gene Kelly’s, La La Land showed us a modern musical and actors who cared enough to learn their role. The writing was also a cut above, both in the original music and the human quality from the characters. And while I cried quite a lot at the end, I completely respect a movie that’s brave enough to not have a traditional happy ending. This is not meant to be a movie review, but an explanation of how this movie spoke to me, and sparked the fire of this La La Land wedding inspiration shoot!

I knew I needed someone who would appreciate the charm and energy of the film as much as I did, so I had to call my soul-sister Braelynn of Belle Bodas Events. Not only does Brae know how to bring ideas and style together, she shares my belief that a wedding should be personalized and reflective of the couple. As you might have noticed, the wedding industry has become saturated with inspiration, themed, and styled shoots. But what many of these styled shoots do is take a “theme” and copy it detail for detail. While beautiful, the inspiration is anything but personal. This is why we wanted to take a theme and show couples how to make it their own.

We chose a modern, minimalistic color palette, with pops of sunny yellow to bring that essence of southern California. The dress cut was simple yet fiercely stylish, exactly what we envisioned a classy Hollywood leading lady might wear to her wedding. The cake boasted design elements of the gorgeous venue, which itself reminded me of L.A.’s Griffith Observatory. Since the venue is in Salt Lake City, the paper suite included a skyline of Salt Lake. Our florist created a luxurious setting for the couple’s “ceremony” space, that was somehow both grand and intimate.

Thank you so much to all of the amazing and talented vendors (listed below) who made this inspiration possible! And thanks to Utah Valley Bride for featuring it on their blog today!

Photography/Design: Kathryn Bruns Photography | Design/Styling: Belle Bodas Events | Venue: Thomas S. Monson Center | Florals: Mille Fleur Design | Gown: Jean & Jewel
Veil & Earrings: Gateway Bridal | Tux: Urban Sartorial | Rings: Olive Ave. | Hair & Makeup Artist: Victoria Plant
Real/Model Couple: Roxy Kapinos & Parker Cracroft – McCarty Talent Agency | Cake: Flour & Flourish |
Styling Board: Fox Heron Collective | Silk Ribbons: Tono & Co. | Paper Suite: Beautiful Wedding Announcements

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