behind the lens

My name is Kathryn

Welcome! I’m Kat, a hybrid wedding photographer with over 12 years of experience in the wedding industry. I live a wonderfully imperfect life with my amazing husband, our three beautiful kids, and a Goldendoodle pup.
I'm blessed to live in Utah, which boasts amazing and diverse scenery for photography and recreation. I most often serve couples and families in Salt Lake City and Park City, but I am available for travel across the nation.

Why I'm here.

When I started way back in 2012, I really didn't know that photography would become what it is to me. My love language is service. Through this amazing job I'm blessed to not only capture memories as a form of art, but to provide my clients with an individualized, fun, and low-stress experience. I'm proud to say that my clients -- whether from a family session or a wedding day -- consistently express what a wonderful time they had, and how grateful they are that it was such a meaningful experience. The fact that I'm a hopeless romantic doesn't hurt, either. Capturing love stories and bringing visions to life is so fulfilling.

Light. Color. Emotion.

These are just a few of the tools in a photographer's belt, but the three that I most often create with.

Whether through your day's natural lighting shifts or with supplemental light and technical proficiency, light is a powerful component of storytelling. Before a session or an event happens, there's preparation and communication to create the best possible lighting for your most important moments.

I'm a hybrid photographer, which means I shoot both digital and film photography. I'm talking the paper wind-up rolls of film, yes. And I edit my digital work to match film as closely as possible. The colors in film are downright dreamy, especially when it comes to skin tones. Working with this medium created a fascination and deep love for rich, bright colors and tones in my photos.  Film & film emulation photos are inherently timeless.

Emotion is by far the most powerful element to a photo. Whether working with families or couples, I love to foster environments where romance, play, laughter, and authenticity are welcome. I truly believe that the most meaningful photos are of moments, rather than details. That said, detail & environmental shots are still of such priority and absolutely contribute to the story of your relationship.