What To Wear Guide

Most folks find planning their outfits to be the most challenging part of a session, particularly family sessions where there are lots of people to coordinate. Please use this simple guide for tips on how to select your outfits, and view samples below. And of course, if you need a second opinion, I'm here for you!

What To Do

Wear multiple shades of your chosen colors. This is more visually interesting and easier to find clothes that work for everyoneparticularly for family sessions.

Neutral, soft shades are very flattering and compliment any background. Jewel tones are also lovely.

Wear clothes that feel like you. If you choose clothes that don't represent your personal style, you won't feel like yourself and that will be reflected in the photos.

Be comfortable, and start shopping first from your own closet.

Utilize layers; scarves, accessories, jackets, they all add depth to an outfit.

Dress for the season. Let's not freeze or roast ourselves for the sake of fashion, yes?

What Not To Do

Teeny, tiny patterns. This can create a wavy effect in-camera, called moire, and it's not possible to remove it during the editing process.

Avoid too many patterns at once. It makes photos feel very busy and loud.

Very bright, neon colors, particularly reds, oranges, and yellows. If I have to make adjustments to skin coloring/tone, the clothing colors can also be affected. 

Avoid getting haircuts, dyes, or changing your skincare routine within a few days of your session. If the result isn't to your liking, you'll have a few days to make corrections.