"Hire her. I mean, seriously, don't hesitate. You will NOT regret it, I promise you.

Kat doesn't just take photos, she captures moments. And the tone of her photos genuinely reflect the tone of the event. That is no small feat. Honestly, we may have planned a beautiful wedding, but Kat just took it above and beyond. She made everything just that much more special for us.

Best wedding present ever."

-Emeli & Ben

"Kathryn Bruns Photography was nothing short of spectacular. Kat listened to what we wanted and went above and beyond our expectations. She gracefully captured all the wonderful moments of getting ready for the wedding, the ceremony, reception, and the after party. We had a large request as we celebrated our marriage twice, back to back weekends in different states. Kat rose to the challenge, shooting both weekends' events as energetic and cheerful as ever. There is no better feeling in the world than to know that all the memories and magic of this special time have been captured for you to remember and share forever.

Kathryn Bruns Photography is a wedding day must."

-Chelsey & Dustin

"I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Kathryn Bruns Photography. Kat is down-to-earth, outgoing, and extremely talented. She was so easy and fun to work with -- you can tell she loves what she does!

Her work is stunning and speaks for itself.

Overall, I was so pleased with my experience from start to finish. She is highly recommended not only for her gorgeous images but also because she's a blast to work with!"

-Logan & Brad

"We absolutely LOVED working with Kat. She was professional, friendly, easy to work with and the pictures were everything we wanted and more!

She had them ready so quickly and the quality was unbeatable!

We would suggest Kathryn Bruns Photography to anyone in a heartbeat!!"

-Sierra & Andrew

"Kat is one of the most talented, kind,

and genuine people you will ever meet. Kat made my husband and I feel

like a million bucks when she shot our engagements, bridals, & wedding photos.

She truly cares about each of her clients and makes sure you know it. 

She is so easy to work with and makes getting things done before the big day a piece of cake.

If I could do it all over again, I would choose Kathryn Bruns Photography again in a heartbeat. If you are considering her as your photographer,

JUST DO IT. You will not regret it."

-Shelby & Jordan

"We want to let everyone know that they should get Kat as their photographer. Our wedding day wasn't the easiest to photograph (we had a huge group and it was a REALLY rainy day), but Kat was able to capture everything we had hoped for perfectly and even went above and beyond to make sure we got more couple pictures at our reception once the storm blew over! We were very impressed with not only her skill and artistic eye, but also her professionalism in directing us on how to pose naturally. Kat's not afraid to speak up and and kindly command a larger crowd of our family and bridal party to get many wonderful pictures quickly. She's so considerate of the stress that the bride and groom (and family) are under, and does everything that she can to help - even beyond taking pictures.

We love looking back on our wedding photos.

We are so grateful to have made the decision to go with Kat as our photographer! Get Kat as your photographer if you want a friend, but also someone who will go above and beyond in getting the job done!"

-Rachel & Nate

"I am very pleased with our newborn lifestyle pictures from our session. Kat was wonderful to work with. She was very professional and was great to schedule a time to come to our home and photograph our newborn within after she was born. She was accommodating with my husband's work schedule and my toddler's nap schedule.

My children loved having their picture taken by her. She is wonderful with children.

The results of the pictures are fabulous! The color and composition are amazing! We are so grateful we used Kat to capture this special time in our life. You can't go wrong with Kat!"


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Kat! Her work is amazing and she is super friendly (all of my guest, mentioned that to me as well about how friendly she is). She goes out of her ways to make sure you get the best photos possible. She even risked her own life during my engagement photo shoot - just to make the photos that even more real. My husband and I were on a motorcycle, and she was in the car (my cousin driving) with her head sticking out the window (my other cousin, holding on to her from inside the car). She is just sooo great.

Don't hesitate to hire her as your photographer, you will not regret it!

I will be definitely using her again in the future!"

-Kim & Richard

"Kat’s style was exactly what I was looking for. She is a very easy going person and we felt comfortable and open during the photos; she made our wedding day go smoothly and put us at ease right away, especially my shy husband. She was always around and never in the way. Kat has bright and cheerful personality which helps to get a smile out of the guests as well.

I would recommend Kat to any bride and groom. We are very happy with our wedding pictures."

-Ana & Suresh

Kat is amazing!! She's great with kids and really knows how to get them laughing and smiling. She was very sensitive of tense family situations ahead of time. She sent me a pre-wedding questionnaire that included many important questions. She asked if any certain people shouldn't be placed together, if there were any special relations I had that I wanted extra pictures with, etc. I'm a child from a broken home and it was SO nice not having to stress about awkward picture situations. Also, my grandmother and I are extremely close and as she's 81, her health is going downhill quickly. Now, six months after the wedding, those pictures Kat captured with her are priceless to me. It was extremely windy at the Draper temple, but somehow all of the pictures turned out fabulous.

I adore them all,

and would absolutely recommend her to anyone!"


I want you to choose a photographer whose work makes your heart flutter, even if it's not me!

Here's why...

Selecting the right wedding photographer is arguably the most important choice you'll make as you build your team of wedding vendors. The photographer serves as the lens through which your vision is captured, bringing to life the culmination of your team's work, artistry, and months of meticulous preparation. This day only happens once.

Your photographer is the vendor you will spend the most time with leading up to and on your wedding day, so it's truly important to create a relationship where you feel confident and authentic. Your choice of photographer is more than just what style they pose or edit, but in how they contribute to the success of your wedding. On the big day, you need someone on your team who can confidently handle the various paces, lighting situations, and unexpected events that might happen. They should have a personality that can keep timelines flowing stress-free, engage with guests and family naturally, and capture the sentimental details, allowing you to be fully present with the people you love.

It's worth investing in the team member that translates the details from a moment to a memory. The cake gets eaten, the flowers die, the dress goes in a closet... the photos (and video) are the only things that live on past your day. Albums and prints will grace the walls of your home for years to come. They should evoke emotions, resonate with your unique journey as a couple, and elevate the intricate details that reflect you and heartfelt moments. Investing in a skilled photographer transcends mere documentation; it preserves the magic and sentimentality of your celebration for a lifetime.

The bottom line.

I want you to be over-the-moon happy with your how your story is captured. It should be honest, it should be gorgeous, it should be downright fun. So if my work resonates with you, I want to meet you!